Proposed Plans

A formal notice of intent to apply has been submitted to Franklin Township. 

A letter from the President 


Skylands Preservation Alliance.

January 15, 2019

The (nearly) 112 acre Tobias property (mentioned above) is in red, and the Heritage property (site of the previously proposed project) is in orange.  Notice where it is in relation to the Lime Kiln Road, as well as the private property houses fronting it, and surrounding it.  

To put this into perspective, a normal Football field, including end zones, works out to 57,600 sq ft.  The proposed 1,200,000 sq ft warehouse would easily accommodate over 20 Football fields!!!  (20.8333, to be exact.)  

Think about the impact this will have on you and your family from a Health and Safety point of view, just to get in and out of your driveway or travel the Bloomsbury Road, and your ability to go about your daily business with a HUGE increase of trucks on the road--as many as a 1,200,000 sq ft warehouse can accommodate. (Some conservative estimates would say 
there could be an extra 36,500 trucks on this road a year!!)  
We believe that the proposed Sewage Disposal Plant will be DISASTROUS for anyone 
living close by, as well as for the Musconetcong River.  
This is a Highlands Conservation Area!! 
 Our Franklin Twp sign says that this is a 'Clean Agricultural Community'!

Pollution, Noise, Disruption...Think of all the wildlife that would be driven out of the area, not to mention the residents!!  This is a RESIDENTIAL/ FARMING Community and has been for 200 years!!  The time to act is not AFTER it's built, when it's too late, but BEFORE they start stripping the trees from the front of your property to widen the road.  And what will that all do to our PROPERTY Values?

Will it STILL be an area you'd want to live in?

Letter from the President

January 18, 2019



This is why we are in opposition to this proposed development - it is too big, too industrial, and poses an environmental threat to the Musconetcong.  It doesn't belong in our agricultural community! 

We need your Help!

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