Skylands Preservation Alliance

Skylands Preservation Alliance is a local non-profit dedicated to raising awareness about development projects inappropriate to the Skylands' community.

Why did you move to the Skylands of New  Jersey?

(shhhhh!!  It's one of New Jersey's hidden gems !!)

Was it to be surrounded by...

 ...Beautiful Scenery and Farmland?

....or surrounded by Trucks ...

...and Tractor Trailers?

(From early morning mist, to magnificent sunsets, it's a little slice of Heaven!)

Was it the Wildlife...?

....or the Hunting and Fishing?

.....or even the Hot Air Balloons.....?

....Whatever it is, 

   things are about to CHANGE!!

Q:  What does POLLUTION

 have in common 

     with Preserved FARMLAND ?

A:   Absolutely NOTHING!!

How can I


keep our roads safer 

and stop this DISASTER

from affecting our Community?