Why We Exist

In 2009, there was a proposal for a massive truck hub (which was to be an extension of Port Newark) in Franklin Township, Warren County. The plans called for more than 1000 tractor trailers a day to come through Bloomsbury and Franklin Township, which would irrevocably damage the Musconetcong River and change the bucolic area in which we live.  Local residents came together to form the Skylands Preservation Alliance and spoke with a clear message: a project like this one is inappropriate for this part of the Skylands’ Region.

In 2019, another project is coming to the fore: a proposed million plus square feet warehouse with daily traffic from 300 employees and numerous tractor trailers. The designated site is located on the Tobias Farm, across from the Musconetcong River. This project, too, would negatively impact Bloomsbury and Franklin Township with increased traffic, increased emissions, toxic runoff into the river, and the industrialization of farmland.

If you moved to this area for the balloons, the wildlife, the farms, and the rural peace, these attributes are in jeopardy. We ask like-minded residents to join us in raising awareness about the reality of what this project would mean to our community and to help us send this message to the developer, the township, and to the county: projects like this one are inappropriate for the Skylands’ region.

To get involved, email skylandspa@gmail.com to join our mailing list,
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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Hi there!  These Board Members are Your Neighbors!!

Tracey Heisler, Board President
Melissa Lopez, Board Vice President
Barbara Banes, Board Secretary
William Heisler, Board Treasurer
Ann Ferrero, Board Trustee

Applications for Board membership are currently being accepted. Please contact us at skylandsPA@gmail.com for more information.